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History of Mystic



Hi I'm Jimi Harris, The owner of Mystic Piercing & Tattoo.
I'm a professional "body customizer" and have been doing body piercings and modifications for over 26 years and have been in the Crofton area for over 17.


I was born in Osaka, Japan in 1951. I'm half Japanese and Seminole Native American. Grew up in Orange County, CA and have been involved in the body modification scene since I was young man. My skills are unique and very versatile compared to typical body piercers.   I'm one of the only a dozen people in the industry to provide every service currently available.  So if your looking for an implant under the skin, scarification, scalping, flesh removal carved graphic, tongue splitting, branding or piercing repair, check me out.

I practice oriental and homeopathic medicines and am a believer in Milleniumism (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical oneness)

We boast more than 170,000 happy customers served, and since we stay busy, we rolled back our piercing prices in 2008. To this day, we remain the most successful  piercing shop in Maryland.


Currently, we're the only licensed piercing shop where you can get an increibly wide variety of piercings, including jewelry, starting at only $40! Mystic customers are smarter and more informed! Thank you so much for your loyalty and continued business!







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