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Maryland School of Body Piercing & Tattoo (MSBPT)

Since 2001, we have been registered in a continuing of adult education program in the State of Maryland through DLLR. Providing professional training for future body piercers and tattoo artists. Mystic offers a one year program to become a Certified Body Piercer and a two year program to become a Certified Tattoo Artist.

-Backround Check Required 

-Bonded, Licensed and Insured after acceptance 

Piercing Apprenticeship

Program is approximately 1 (one) year to learn the proper

  • National health and safety regulations

  • Proper hygiene

  • Sterilization

  • Piercing terminology

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Piercing placement, clamp, tool usage, needle technique, jewelry types

  • Jewelry insertion

  • Verbal healing care instruction. 

  • Blood Borne Pathogen Certification

Tattoo Apprenticeship 

Program is approximately 2 (two) years long to learn the proper 

  • Tattoo machine use and assembly

  • Tattoo area preparation

  • Tattoo terminology, tattoo and flash design

  • Tattoo machine maintenance

  • Healing instructions and time

  • Tattoo law and regulations  

  • Purchasing of equipment

  • Point of sale/retail sales

  • Health and safety regulations

  • Hygiene and sterilization methods

  • Color Ink mixing

  • Tribal styles and meaning 

  • Scanning and digital technology

  • Transfer methods and machine

  • Business Practices and Management 

  • Business Start-Up Costs

  • Costumer Sign Up/Release Form 

  • Blood Borne Pathogen Certification 

Graduates of Piercing

Christopher Beierschmitt

Bonnie Biess

Matt Buonantuono

David Allen Clark

Ryan Deuir

Christopher Farmer

James Fuerst 

 Jennifer House 

Chrsitine Kasprzy

Benjamin Kibling 

Mona Lishaa

Chris Lucas

Greg May

Brandon Moroney

Mason Smith

Noel Smith 

Michael Snider-Held 

Daniel Taylor

Graduates of Tattoo

Eric Barrett

Blake Becker

Christopher Berube

Jason Brott

Gene Budowski

Kevin D'Augustine

Gabrielle Del Bianco

Phillip Doan 

Shea Downing 

Charles Dunlap

Matthew Flynn

Nicholas Freidline

Merv Heiner

Yannick Hennerez

Eric Hickman 

Maddie Klein 

Robin Lasky

John Pennington

Amanda Powell

Mike Steffan 

Michael Tyler

David Natale

Jennifer White 

Carlton Wheeler

Michael Williams


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