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Remove bandages after 1 to 2 hours. Wash hands with anti-bacterial soap.

After removing bandage, wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial bar soap and warm water, blot dry with paper towel. (Do not use cloth.) DO NOT fully submerge tattoo in water.

  • Apply an extremely small amount of A&D ointment or Aquaphor with clean hands.

  • The tattoo should NOT look thick or glossy if ointment has been applied properly.

  • Properly apply ointment morning, afternoon and night. If tattoo looks dry, apply ointment throughout the day, whenever needed.

  • On the third day, switch to unscented hand lotion. Use lotion as frequently as the A&D ointment.  DO NOT use Vaseline.

  • Continue to apply lotion until tattoo is no longer flaking.

  • Tattoo will itch as it is healing,  DO NOT SCRATCH or PICK!

* Additional information for foot tattoos:

Avoid wearing socks and other footwear that touches the tattooed area for two weeks. Do not soak feet for two weeks (no baths, pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc - showers are okay). Gently clean feet several times a day with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.


* Additional information for hand tattoos:

Gently wash hands several times a day with finger tips using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Avoid (as much as possible) actions that cause rubbing of the tattooed area, such as putting hands in pockets.

We offer free touch-ups for 90 days (except  foot & hand tattoos)


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