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How To Prepare for a Tattoo

Drink lots of water! Please refrain from any alcohol consumption the night before your tattoo appointment due to thinning of blood. If you're ill please have the courtesy to contact the studio/and or your artist to reschedule your appointment. Our artists and staff take great pride in our health. Your artist may shut down their services, which could result in you losing your deposit if you fail to bring up that you're sick. Make sure you are well rested. Our parlor tables may be comfy but you want to be as calm and collective as can be naturally during your tattoo. If you happen to have any questions please call the studio before your tattoo appointment. Our artists do not bite, they would be ever so happy to answer all your pre-appointment questions. Be sure to have your ID, driver's license , or passport on you. YES! You guessed it, all of these still  apply to a spontaneous tattoo! Please do not take part in an impulse tattoo after a night of heavy drinking; if you are using or have recently used illicit drugs; if you don't have enough money, or if you're unsure if you really want a new tattoo. We are open 7 days week, feel free to come another time.

What to do the day of getting a Tattoo

Eat a full meal before hand! Eating nutritiously will keep ya bright eyed and bushy tailed like we hope so! Feel free to bring a bag of goodies for yourself! Include a water bottle or juice, snacks, a pillow, a small blanket, earphones,  phone charger. Lay off the caffeine or energy drinks before coming in. Please ALWAYS arrive on time! But keep in mind that your artist could be running a little bit behind. The costumer ahead of you might be taking a little longer than expected. Be considerate at this time because you'll be grateful when it's your turn and your artist does what they can to make you happy. Make yourself extra comfy and relaxed in the meaning time. Plan to rest after your tattoo. It can help with the healing besides it's well earned!

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